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All City Athletics Invitational Games

This is a cross match of non play-off teams from all divisions or newly registered teams

 March, 19th - 22nd



Thurs Basic                March 22nd                 Thurs Advanced

7 PM Never Nudes vs ICDC College                             7:10 PM  vs 

8 PM The Flying Squirrels vs   Hasslehoff Fan Club            8:10 PM  vs 

9 PM  vs                                                              9:10 PM  vs 


                                      Week #2

Tues Basic                  March 27th                  Tues Competitive

7 PM Raskullz Brigade  vs  Old Goats                           7:10 PM   vs 

8 PM  brick layers vs Gunslingers                                8:10 PM  vs 

9 PM  vs                                                              9:10 PM  vs 


Wed Basic                            March 28th                  Wed Advanced

7 PM  vs                                                              7:10 PM Walk 'n'Gun II  vs  Cool Runnings

8 PM Yolo vs    How My Pass Taste?                            8:10 PM  vs 

9 PM  vs                                                              9:10 PM  Pale Blazers  vs  Silverbacks


Thurs Basic                March 29th                  Thurs Advanced

7 PM  vs                                                              7:10 PM  vs

8 PM  vs                                                              8:10 PM  vs  

9 PM  vs                                                              9:10 PM  vs 



The official conformation, game time & location info will be set on your season schedule or sent by email once teams have paid the official fee



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Invite free agents to play in this game, just add them to your roster at the game.


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