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Post-Season, Preseason, & Consolation Games

ACA Adult Basketball RULEBOOK


(844)977.2922 w/sms

Office Hours 11 am - 3 pm
In-season Game Day Until 11 pm (424)209.8310 w/sms
**No Holidays**

16. Post-Season, Preseason, & Consolation Games

a)  Play-off formats vary depending on the number of teams participating in each league and can be found on the Official League schedule. ALL CITY ATHLETICS reserves the right to change any element of the originally scheduled playoff format if/where necessary.

b)  To be eligible for playoff participation, all players must have played in at least half of the regular season games. Captains must turn in a game line up for all games, including forfeits, for players receive credit for games played for playoff purposes.

c)  Standings are calculated by winning percentage when applicable

d)  In cases where teams are tied at the end of the regular season, the following criteria will be used to break the tie(s) (in order):

1.   Head-to-head record of tied teams  (3 of more = vs ONLY Playoff Teams)

2.   Team with higher point differential

3.   Team with more points scored.

4.   Coin flip

e)   Captains must have their player initial the official roster or in the official scorebook next to their name to receive credit for that played game

f) Preseason & Consolation Games Officials fees MUST be prepaid no later than one week before the game. 

If the Official fees are not prepaid the game will not be schedule and considered a forfeit (forfeit fees do not apply)

 What we need from you as a team captain: 

1) Send your Consolation / Preseason game request The night your team has been eliminated contact us (text & or email) to be invoiced for 1 & or 2 consolation/preseason games per your request. 

2) Include your game time preference for scheduling consideration 

3) Pay the invoice by the deadline specified in the email. 
Unpaid will be voided and no game will be scheduled. 
If you have not received an invoice within 48hrs give us a call/text 

(844)977.2922 w/sms

Office Hours 11 am - 3 pm
In-season Game Day Until 11 pm (424)209.8310 w/sms
**No Holidays**

If an opponent accepts, the game gets scheduled. 
If declined/not scheduled a refund for the prepaid official fee is issued, or credit towards a future game or registration is available. 

Please keep in mind, when teams decline (does NOT request a game or meet the deadline to prepay) the game is officially a forfeit by an opponent (no forfeit fee). 

We are not responsible refund registration dues for team forfeitures. 

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